15 Benefits of Faith (Beyond Religion or Atheism)

“Faith in something greater than us defeats our lack of faith in ourselves.” 

Value of Faith
Benefits of Faith

This Labor Day (Canada and USA) had the joy of spending a few hours of delicious enjoyment with my husband and daughters in the inflatable pool (3 meters in diameter) we bought a couple of months ago. The girls left the pool and my husband and I were able to sit relaxed for about 30 minutes in the water next to each other. With the warm, bright sunshine bathed our faces, I said I was going to take advantage to do my meditation and it occurred to me to ask my husband if he wanted to meditate with me. He agreed and then I did my meditation aloud.

I usually do meditations with the angels, ascended masters and other beings of light who “present themselves” in the meditation. Each meditation is different; however, I try to include daily claims that raise my energy vibration and, above all, ask all Divine Beings to help me maintain and even raise my level of faith. The reasons? I mention them later.

After the meditation, my husband and I talked about it and talked about the role that faith plays in our lives to help us improve ourselves. We commented on the part of the film The Secret in which Lee Brower tells the story of his gratitude stone and the effect it had on an entire community of South Africa through a person who gave it a different meaning, a meaning of faith.

Personally, my faith is based on my absolute belief in the existence of a Divine Being (whom I call God). However, faith is nothing more than the belief that there is “something” or “someone” who has a power greater than ourselves to make things happen in the best possible way for us. What is the source of our faith is not really relevant; it may even be an inanimate object. Why? Because as I said before, faith is a belief; but no such belief limits us, but rather, a belief that helps us move forward with firm foot towards what we want.


Now, the benefits of faith.

I based this list on my own experience and how faith has positively impacted my life and the people around me. Surely you have things to add to it; If so, feel free to comment.

  1. Faith provides peace;
  2. Faith provides strength;
  3. Faith provides joy;
  4. Faith brings miracles into our lives;
  5. Faith helps us to break paradigms;
  6. Faith increases our creativity;
  7. Faith opens the gateway to our inner resources;
  8. Faith provides us harmony;
  9. Faith balances us;
  10. Faith provides us hope;
  11. Faith helps us to overcome the barriers of the mind;
  12. Faith gives us the energy and conviction to achieve our dreams;
  13. Faith defeats the barriers of religion because it is not tied to any particular religion; in fact, an atheist person can have faith: faith in an object, a situation, in animals, in a person …;
  14. Faith in something greater than us defeats our lack of faith in ourselves;
  15. In short, faith makes us happier!

With all these benefits, and those you may add, why not to work on increasing our level of faith?

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