20 Tips for Everyone, but Most Specially for Newcomers

Checking my Facebook, I ran into an article that I just loved immediately. It didn’t only resonate with me as an individual, but it resonated with my purpose of offering emotional support to Newcomers in order for them to have an easier transition to their new lives. Why is this important? You may ask. Well, because I believe that if we don’t have to struggle with our emotions, then we can focus on our goals.

Having a focus increases enormously the odds of reaching our goals. Typically, every time we reach a goal, our self-confidence levels increase. Consequently, when we build up our self-confidence, we feel more motivated to keep working towards new goals and less afraid to face the challenges that may arise along our journey. And these my friends, are key elements in succeeding in life: motivation, courage, and optimism.

I hope you enjoy the reading…

20 Things That Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

Source: Elite Daily. The Voice of Generation-Y

Author: Paul Hudson

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