3 Things that Immigrants Have in Common and the Positive in Them.

Lo que tenemos en comun y lo bueno de eso.
What we have in common and the good in that.

Although each of us has our own personal history and come from different cultures, in the end many immigrants have more in common than we think.

1. Every person who chooses to live in another country has its own reasons according to their beliefs and the environment of their place of origin. However, the search for each and every one of us is summed up in one word: hope … Hope to have better opportunities for us and our children; hoping for greater security; hoping to change our lives; hoping to learn a new language; the hope of a better professional preparation; anyway, hope to win something we consider that in our home country we cannot have.

How is this positive? If we do an honest analysis of our causes of migration we’ll very likely realize that in most cases we get what we want in the short term, sometimes even at the minute we arrive in the country that will be our new household. I.e. we do not learn a new language in a day, but we start the journey towards our goal. Thereafter, everything is a win; even the difficulties that every immigrant, without exception, experiences.

2. Another thing that brings us together is the nostalgia for the land where we come from and above all, for our family and friends.

You may wonder what is the good in this. My answer is that it’s this nostalgia what opens the door to the possibility of new affections that appreciate our presence in their lives because they have exactly the same emotional deprivation as us. No one can replace anyone’s family, but we have been blessed with the opportunity to expand our affective circle. Not everybody has that privilege.

3. Finally, I’d like to refer to the difficulties, fears and uncertainty that all immigrants go through at some point in our process of adaptation. There’s always a challenge to overcome, being the most common ignorance and misinformation, lack of a network, lack of history of any kind (neither good nor bad, neither professional nor credit, etc.), Not being able to get a job or at least not in the area of expertise, sometimes not knowing the language, and stop counting.

How can that be good? On the one hand makes us more human, more humble and stronger. On the other hand, teaches us the true value of empathy and that allows us to open our minds to understand others and build strong and lasting relationships.

You see, once again how we see our reality depends on the glass you choose to look at things. And you, what glass do you choose?


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