5 Ways to Think Positively.

How to reinforce positive thinking.
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If you read my article 7 Tips to Create Your Own Success Story as an Immigrant, you may remember that one of the points I mentioned was to keep always focused in the POSITIVE.

However, you may think that it’s easier said than done and the truth is that to some extent you’re right. Nevertheless, once we practice certain behaviors, we become aware of our actions and even our thoughts and that level of awareness is the first step in setting our mind and the way we see things.

I’ve listed below five actions that have worked for me in order to maintain a positive outlook on everything that happens to me.

  1. Reflect on past events that at the time you thought were negative and eventually turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to you. Nobody likes to go through unpleasant moments. However, after overcoming the discomfort or pain of the experience, your will very likely realize that what happened was for the best. This will help you to have hope when you may go through another difficult situation.
  1. Having faith in “something” or “someone” provides with inner peace and convinces people who have it that no matter what happens, every experience they have is exactly what they should live for one reason or another, and that “something” or “someone” will help them out of this situation. Faith has given me the strength and ability to persist in overcoming obstacles.
  1. Being open mind and understanding that the fact the results are different than expected, DOES NOT mean they are negative. Different results to what we wished are a big gate to learning and, as I said in the article I mentioned earlier, when we learn, we evolve. In my opinion, opening ourselves to change means opening ourselves to new opportunities.
  1. Surround yourself with people and things that make you feel good. It is virtually impossible to have a positive attitude in our lives when we are constantly surrounded by negative energy and things and / or people we dislike. Purge your life!
  1. Do activities that comfort you. In my case, daily meditation has been of great benefit to keep optimistic regardless of the size of the challenges I may have in front of me. You can include in this point infinity of ideas such as: exercising (at the gym or outdoors), listening to music, reading a book you like, going out for a drink with friends (as), sleeping, and much more.

Finally, and as a bonus, let me suggest you to show gratitude on daily basis for the good things that happen to you. It doesn’t matter if at the beginning you have a list of 10 nasty things and only one positive. Give thanks for that one positive thing. Very soon you will see that with practice you’ll find more and more reasons why to thank for. As a result, your mind will be “trained” to focus on the positive and to see growth opportunities in those events (or people) that don’t seem so positive.


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