5 wonderful things of being immigrants.

Cada reto es una oportunidad de crecimiento.
Lo positivo de ser inmigrantes.

In July 2011 I arrived to Canada from Venezuela, along with my husband and our twin girls who were 13 months old by then.

Like most immigrants, we went through very challenging times and especially the first year led us to question our ability to move forward with our plans.

However, today I can clearly see that having gone through these difficulties is precisely what today makes us appreciate more each of the things we once took for granted.

With the desire to help you see the positive in what seems negative, I list some of the wonderful things that are direct results of being immigrants. Note that the table below is the result of my personal experience and conversations I’ve had with other immigrants.

Ready to explore a new point of view?

Being immigrants is wonderful.
Benefits of each challenge of being immigrants.


These are just some of the challenges we face when we live abroad, and at least one benefit that each one of those brings to our lives. The case centers on how we choose to see the glass: half full or half empty.

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