Feeling the Power of Your Inner Smile

As an immigrant myself, I KNOW how hard it is sometimes to keep up with all the challenges we face when we begin a new life journey abroad.

Feelings like sadness, fear, anxiety and confusion are only some of the emotions we experience during this life time. And because we usually feel them all at same time, we are in risk of loosing our clarity and also our energy to keep moving forward.

In my case, meditating has been a lifesaver board. It’s helped me to keep focused and calmed in the most challenging moments I’ve been through the last year. Therefore, I can tell you there is a before and after in my life as an immigrant. Once I started meditating my life changed in all the positive ways you can imagine.

Today I would like to share with you one my favorite meditations in English. I do it almost every day and I can’t describe how well and energized I feel after I finish it. I took it from the Omvana channel in YouTube, which it’s been created by Mindvalley. It’s called the “Inner Smile Meditation”, and I share it with you right below.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jda3VKEwxM&w=420&h=315]


A Simple Strategic Plan to Start With

If you don’t consider yourself an expert on strategic planning, but understand the important role this plays in achieving your goals, here is a short article I found on Forbes.com. This is a very basic and simple way to get you started on planning your future strategically.

Source: http://www.forbes/com
Five Steps to a Strategic Plan – Forbes.com

20 Tips for Everyone, but Most Specially for Newcomers

Checking my Facebook, I ran into an article that I just loved immediately. It didn’t only resonate with me as an individual, but it resonated with my purpose of offering emotional support to Newcomers in order for them to have an easier transition to their new lives. Why is this important? You may ask. Well, because I believe that if we don’t have to struggle with our emotions, then we can focus on our goals.

Having a focus increases enormously the odds of reaching our goals. Typically, every time we reach a goal, our self-confidence levels increase. Consequently, when we build up our self-confidence, we feel more motivated to keep working towards new goals and less afraid to face the challenges that may arise along our journey. And these my friends, are key elements in succeeding in life: motivation, courage, and optimism.

I hope you enjoy the reading…

20 Things That Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

Source: Elite Daily. The Voice of Generation-Y

Author: Paul Hudson

No lo llames ‘cambio’, llámalo EVOLUCION. / Don’t call it ‘change’, call it EVOLUTION.

A lo largo de mi vida he experimentado muchos procesos de cambio y aunque en lo personal AMO los cambios, sí he notado que usualmente ha existido una tremenda y generalizada resistencia a él en la gente a mi alrededor en todos esos momentos. Como consecuencia, mi interpretación siempre había sido que la gente tiene una percepción negativa sobre la palabra ‘cambio’.

Con el objetivo de evitar subjetividades, decidí hacer una pequeña medición sobre cómo percibe la gente las palabras ‘cambio’ y ‘evolución’. Para mi sorpresa 73% de quienes respondieron tiene una percepción positiva de la palabra cambio. Debo confesar que esperaba un número similar, pero orientado a la percepción negativa. Y de aquí ahora nace otra inquietud, ¿por qué si es visto como algo positivo existe tanta resistencia a él? ¿O es que la percepción positiva es sólo hacia la palabra, pero NO hacia la acción de cambiar? Definitivamente material para más estudios posteriores. Continuar leyendo “No lo llames ‘cambio’, llámalo EVOLUCION. / Don’t call it ‘change’, call it EVOLUTION.”