How Money Flows – The Good Days And Not So Good Days

By Karina Arancibia – Financial and Life Coachmoney-cash-flow-1537820

It usually happens that when things are going well and we find ourselves in a good financial position we feel secure and happy. The finances look good and we are able to cover all our expenses, our budget looks good and we are able to have money left over for saving and to treat ourselves.

Money and finances are such an important and essential part of our lives, when I coach my clients and we consider financial goals, we also have a conversation on how closely related financial goals are to life goals. The reason is that most of the time, goals we want to accomplish, money is probably needed.

Today I want to address the issue when resources run low, what is our reaction our attitude? What do we do when we noticed that our budget gets tight, and we are not able to cover some extra expenses that are not as essential for example cable or even some of our children activities, the complains could be endless.

We can focus on not having enough and not being able to afford the things we want or need. We might act as victims of our circumstances, and maybe go around sharing this information. How many times have you heard people compliant about not having enough money, not just your friend but people in general. We all have that friend or family member that will openly share his or her frustration with money.  Continuar leyendo “How Money Flows – The Good Days And Not So Good Days”

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Big Mistakes and Bigger Lessons

Money-mistakesBy Karina Arancibia – Financial and Life Coach.

Some great lessons come from the mistakes we make…

When was the last time you made a mistake? I know sometimes it’s not easy to admit it. We don’t want to feel like we don’t know what we are doing, or that we did something wrong.

Usually when we make a mistake we can have different reactions, we might dwell on it and maybe  talk to ourselves. We might get upset and kick ourselves or we could also feel down, and that we didn’t know any better.

Lots of emotions with deal with, some people might be able to keep it cool and balanced and  that’s great and if you are able to control that. I have to admit that although I tried, to keep my cool, there is frustration inside, but also my brain starts looking for solutions and answers, I start questioning things.

Don’t think because I write this blog I don’t make any money mistakes, those have been some of my biggest lessons in my financial life, and I pass those to my kids and whoever is willing to listen.

I had an incident a few weekends ago, and it had to do with my car. My breaks broke in the middle of the night and I could not stop on a red light, I was fortunate enough that nothing happened just a scare and I was close to a friend house and I parked it there. The break was literally on the floor, wow never seen that before.. yea some people were laughing.  Continuar leyendo “Big Mistakes and Bigger Lessons”

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What If We Stop Complaining For A Bit?

By Karina Arancibia – Financial and Life Coachstop complaining

A few weekends ago , I was with my son,  we had to go shopping for some items we needed for the house, since I decided to de clutter  the whole place…  tell you more about that experience later.

I noticed he was complaining about little things, the work we had to do the door being too far, the lady taking too long. I looked at him and said “I’ll challenge you  to stop complaining for one hour starting now” he said but mom I haven’t agreed to it. I said well the Challenge is ON.

Well,  interestingly enough he set up the timer for one hour to time himself…

Then I started thinking how many times do we do that throughout the day, complaint about little things. The weather being too cold or too hot. The line up at the bank or the grocery store, and those are the little complains in our heads. How about the more important things in our lives, our jobs, our business, our home, our children, our partners.  Continuar leyendo “What If We Stop Complaining For A Bit?”

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Don’t Let March Break Leave You Broke!!

kids_worktogetherBy Karina Arancibia – Finance and Wellness Coach

I have already heard it.. “mom, what are we doing for March Break?”.. it’s almost like there is an expectation and our job to entertain our children during March Break!!.  It is a great time to get away from the winter days and go to a nice beach in the Caribbean . Do we feel guilty as parents if we don’t plan for something or we don’t go away?

There are a number of alternatives to consider and there are always activities around the City that you can participate that could be less damaging to your budget.

Are you relaying on credit during this time? enjoy now pay later? And the circle starts again. Always remember the financial wellbeing of your family, because no matter what you do spending what you don’t have might not be the best idea specially if you are already struggling.  Have you considered a Staycation?  and planning some fun activities at home.  Continuar leyendo “Don’t Let March Break Leave You Broke!!”

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What’s Love Got To Do With It?!

IMG_7187By Karina Arancibia – Financial and Life Coach

It’s in the air we can all feel it.  The special month is here, that romantic Valentine Day’s. The message is everywhere Love in the air.

Did you know that , approximately 150 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged annually, making Valentine’s Day the second most popular card sending holiday after Christmas.

Do you find yourself stressing over this occasion? like any other celebration the idea is to enjoy it. The most popular gifts are cards, flowers and candy or chocolates and the average gift for that special valentine in  north America averages $180. Most people tend to be emotional spenders and think with their heart instead of their wallets. Continuar leyendo “What’s Love Got To Do With It?!”

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Is it a Magical Time of Year? Make it Fun-antially simple

Época mágica - Magical Time
Época mágica – Magical Time

By Karina Arancibia – Financial and Life Coach

December is here and it brings with it so many different social events and activities. Also planning for Christmas that is just around the corner. Everything is so Magical so Wonderful the lights the Christmas Trees. The decorations we see around us is like a festival of lights.

We as parents love to create that magic for our children and the little ones. Our family has always tried to get into it and for a while we tricked the kids to think that Santa was coming the 24th at night.  We’ll leave a Santa’s hat laying around or dressed up one of the fathers and the older ones would try to figure out who it was and try to recognized those eyes behind that bear and if that tummy is it real.

In my family, we have decided to put our efforts in making this time of year about the family get together, the dinner, the sharing of the stories, the fun, the games!! So I’ll share with you how we solved the stress of all the gift buying that was driving everyone crazy and the budget was suffering as well.  Continuar leyendo “Is it a Magical Time of Year? Make it Fun-antially simple”

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When Was Your Last Financial Check Up?

Salud financiera.
Salud financiera.

By Karina Arancibia – Financial Coach

Running a financial check up is as important as having a physical check up.

I think one things we complain the most besides not having enough time, is money.  There is just never enough for some people.  In my line of business, I have seen numerous individuals and families that have used credit as part of their budget and they live paycheque to paycheque. Creating huge amounts of consumer debt.  In many cases, there is no other alternative but to press the reset button and file for Bankruptcy. I have seen people lose more than their credit. Their homes, their dignity, their jobs, their relationships. It is a sad reality. Some fall into this trap over and over again. Some blame the credit card companies, others blame the system and others their spouses.

Well I’m here to tell you that the only responsible for your financial health is you.  You are the one that can take control. See I usually use this analogy: how is your relationship with food? Do you eat more than your body needs?  do you prepare balance meals? do you consume more calories that you can burn? Do you feel you could lose a few pounds? Continuar leyendo “When Was Your Last Financial Check Up?”

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