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“Mind and Body” Focus

By Lucia Lecuna

Mind-Body Balance

Mind and Body Focus

“Aligning mind and body is the starting point for a life of balance and satisfaction.”- J.A.M.

While it is usually not the easiest decision to begin, or resume, physical activity, and aware that many reasonable reasons blur the first step (not enough time, new responsibilities at home or at work, etc), there is a moment in life when we just have no choice.

I have repeatedly observed when a new and trendy routine attract many followers who expect a miracle result doing something they have never tried before. The statistics show how most people start or undergo trough an exercise program for a month, then their interest starts to fade.

There are several facts that we see in the fitness world that should be checked before starting a new routine. I believe this applies to any other activity that we want to take as a hobby. Read the rest of this entry

Personal development: magic ingredient to achieve our dream life

Jim Rohn on the importance of personal development

For things to change you have to change – Jim Rohn.

By Jacqueline Antonetti-Moreno

“Success is something you attract by the person you become” Jim Rohn when he spoke about the importance of personal development.

It is no secret that one of the main interests of human beings is to succeed. However, not everyone is willing to do the first thing we need to do to get the desired result: to become the person who has the skills, abilities and wisdom to achieve that dream we have in our mind.

Why do I say that? Here is an example that although basic and generic, helps us have a clear idea of the approach of the average human. The word “success” has more than 360,000 searches on Google and “personal development” has only 27,000. I wonder how people can think that they could reach the much desired success (whatever their own definition for that term is) without improving their personal skills and knowledge. Read the rest of this entry