3 Things that Immigrants Have in Common and the Positive in Them.

Lo que tenemos en comun y lo bueno de eso.
What we have in common and the good in that.

Although each of us has our own personal history and come from different cultures, in the end many immigrants have more in common than we think.

1. Every person who chooses to live in another country has its own reasons according to their beliefs and the environment of their place of origin. However, the search for each and every one of us is summed up in one word: hope … Hope to have better opportunities for us and our children; hoping for greater security; hoping to change our lives; hoping to learn a new language; the hope of a better professional preparation; anyway, hope to win something we consider that in our home country we cannot have. Continuar leyendo “3 Things that Immigrants Have in Common and the Positive in Them.”

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5 wonderful things of being immigrants.

Cada reto es una oportunidad de crecimiento.
Lo positivo de ser inmigrantes.

In July 2011 I arrived to Canada from Venezuela, along with my husband and our twin girls who were 13 months old by then.

Like most immigrants, we went through very challenging times and especially the first year led us to question our ability to move forward with our plans.

However, today I can clearly see that having gone through these difficulties is precisely what today makes us appreciate more each of the things we once took for granted.

With the desire to help you see the positive in what seems negative, I list some of the wonderful things that are direct results of being immigrants. Note that the table below is the result of my personal experience and conversations I’ve had with other immigrants.

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7 Tips to Create Your Own Success Story as an Immigrant.

As it happens to all human beings, during my process of development and growth, both personal and professional, I have experienced many ups and downs. However, it seems that the achievements I’ve had as an immigrant are particularly notorious and much more striking than the mistakes.

Why do I say this? Because my husband and I have heard from several people from different socio-cultural backgrounds, with different stories, and number of years living in Canada ranging from 5 to 20, that they are amazed by the results we have obtained in less than three years in this wonderful country.

Be succesful
Building Your Own Success Story

This has made ​​me think about why our story as immigrants seems to stand out from the common stories. Carlos (my husband) and I are two ordinary people, not wealthy (yet) and with not very different professional training from many of the immigrants we have met so far. So what sets us apart from the average? I would say the difference is that we live by the principles I list below.

Please note that my intention with this list is to provide you with tips to create your own success story. Continuar leyendo “7 Tips to Create Your Own Success Story as an Immigrant.”

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20 Tips for Everyone, but Most Specially for Newcomers

Checking my Facebook, I ran into an article that I just loved immediately. It didn’t only resonate with me as an individual, but it resonated with my purpose of offering emotional support to Newcomers in order for them to have an easier transition to their new lives. Why is this important? You may ask. Well, because I believe that if we don’t have to struggle with our emotions, then we can focus on our goals.

Having a focus increases enormously the odds of reaching our goals. Typically, every time we reach a goal, our self-confidence levels increase. Consequently, when we build up our self-confidence, we feel more motivated to keep working towards new goals and less afraid to face the challenges that may arise along our journey. And these my friends, are key elements in succeeding in life: motivation, courage, and optimism.

I hope you enjoy the reading…

20 Things That Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

Source: Elite Daily. The Voice of Generation-Y

Author: Paul Hudson

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¡Bienvenid@ a Easy Landing! / Welcome to Easy Landing!

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Easy Landing

El 2 de Julio de 2011 comenzó mi “aventura” como inmigrante en un país que si bien me ha ofrecido todo lo que buscaba para mí y para mi familia (o casi todo), también me ha colocado frente a retos que nunca pensé vivir. Sin embargo, esos retos han sido justamente los que hoy día me han convencido de dos cosas que son la base de todo lo que deseo compartir contigo en mi blog. La primera es que NO somos el resultado de nuestras circunstancias, sino de CÓMO afrontamos esas circunstancias. Y la segunda, es que ser inmigrantes es una MARAVILLOSA OPORTUNIDAD DE REINVENTARNOS.

¿Qué tiene que ver Easy Landing en todo esto? Mucho, porque mi mayor deseo es ayudarte a tener un proceso de “aterrizaje” más suave. Una transicón mas placentera hacia tu nueva vida. Y todo a partir de los dos “lemas” que mencioné más arriba. Combinarlos me ha servido de motivación diaria en mi camino hacia el alcance de mis sueños, permitiéndome disfrutar de cada paso que doy hacia ellos, porque al final todo se resume en ACTITUD. La actitud positiva ha sido determinante en mi vida, pero particularmente en mi experiencia como inmigrante para superar cada obstáculo.

Ojalá mis publicaciones te sirvan de inspiración para que experimentes la misma sensación de gratificación y felicidad que hoy día siento yo.

¡Recibe la mas cordial bienvenida a mi blog, así como toda la energía positiva posible!

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On July 2, 2011 I began my “adventure” as an immigrant in a country that, while offered me everything I needed for me and my family (or almost all), it also made me face challenges I never thought to live. However, these challenges have been precisely those that today have convinced me of two things that are the basis of everything that I want to share with you in my blog. The first is that we are NOT the result of our circumstances, but rather the result of HOW we face our circumstances. And the second is that being an immigrant is a WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY TO REINVENT OURSELVES.

What does Easy Landing have to do with all of this? A lot, because my greatest desire is to help you have a smoother landing process; a more pleasant transition to your new life. And all from the two “slogans” that I mentioned above. Combining them has worked as a daily motivation on my way toward achieving my dreams, allowing me to enjoy every step I take to them, because at the end it all comes down to ATTITUDE. The positive attitude has been instrumental in my life, but particularly in my experience as an immigrant to overcome every obstacle.

Hopefully my posts will serve as inspiration for you to experience the same feeling of gratification and happiness that I feel today.

Please receive a warm welcome to my blog, as well as all the positive energy possible!

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