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10 motivational quotes to keep you unstoppable on the path to success

Walt Disney

Frases de Walt Disney para construir sueños – Dream builder quotes by Walt Disney.

By Jacqueline Antonetti Moreno – Transformational communicator. Bestselling author.

“The path to success is built day after day with determination.”- JAM Inspira

And 2016 is here!… How many times have you set new year resolutions and after few weeks (or few months at most) you quit working towards achieving them? We all have been there! So, we don’t have to feel bad about it; what we should do is learn to change that behaviour.

One of the ways we can train our brain to stay focused on what we want and keep working firmly and determined towards our vision is reading, but most importantly internalizing quotes that help us have high levels of motivation.

I list below a brief selection of motivational quotes that I am confident will add value into our lives: Read the rest of this entry

What To Do When A Cycle Closes And A New One Opens – PART 2

By Jacqueline Antonetti-Moreno – Transformational Communicator and #1 Bestselling Author

Nuevas oportunidades

Puerta a un nuevo ciclo / Door to a new cycle

Last week I talked about how to productively close a cycle in order to open a new one. Today I talk about how to start a new cycle on the face of the new year.

The first thing I have to say is that I can’t help feeling a sense of inner joy when I face a new door because at the end of the day that is what a new cycle represents to me: a door to new opportunities, to new learning, to new experiences, to evolution, to meeting new people, to raise my level of consciousness, to enrich my life, to do things in a new way (and sometimes even better ways to do them)… Finally, a door that will lead me to go “from dreaming to achieving”, just like the title of my book (English version to come soon).

But how does one prepare to start a new cycle with a joy that overcomes the uncertainty of the unknown? Very simple: working to build the future we want! Below I detail how. Read the rest of this entry

What To Do When A Cycle Closes And A New One Opens – PART 1

When a cycle closes

Closing cycles

By Jacqueline Antonetti-Moreno – Transformational Communicator and #1 Bestselling Author

December starts today and this has a double meaning: a cycle of 365 days ends and a new one starts soon.

One of the greatest learnings I’ve had in my life is that to be able to open ourselves and move towards new experiences it’s necessary to close cycles. But, how do we close a cycle? Or even better, how do we close a cycle in a productive and positive way? Well, I tell you below.

The first thing we must do is to understand that the more aware we are about our actions, the easier it will be for us to align our lives with our true self and, such alignment will bring wholeness, peace and happiness into our lives.

Having said that, I list below some recommendations to close cycles in such a way that you will be able to keep that alignment and consistency I mentioned before: Read the rest of this entry

How to transform the 10 most common negative thoughts into positive

Elimina los pensamientos negativos.

How to eliminate negative thoughts.

By Jacqueline Antonetti-Moreno

Just as there are negative thoughts that are common to all of human beings, there are also ways to transform them into positive thoughts. I tell you how below.

Yes, I am a very optimistic woman, but I was not always like this. That is, I think I have an optimistic nature because until a few years ago, every time I was going through some sort of crisis, my “subconscious mind” (or soul, perhaps?), told me that that event will to be left behind and, that with time, I would give thanks to God for that event that once seemed horrible. However, I was not able to keep that spirit of optimism on daily. On the con life. On the contrary, my head would fill up with negative thoughts that made me lose the ability to enjoy when things went well.

Determined to change my life, I started my journey on the path of personal growth and managed to identify the occurrence of these negative thoughts frequently and also identified the impact they had in the way I lived and how I interpreted my reality.

That is how, from my experience, today I put at your disposal some ways to combat these thoughts that keep you from seeing life in beautiful colors.


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Personal development: magic ingredient to achieve our dream life

Jim Rohn on the importance of personal development

For things to change you have to change – Jim Rohn.

By Jacqueline Antonetti-Moreno

“Success is something you attract by the person you become” Jim Rohn when he spoke about the importance of personal development.

It is no secret that one of the main interests of human beings is to succeed. However, not everyone is willing to do the first thing we need to do to get the desired result: to become the person who has the skills, abilities and wisdom to achieve that dream we have in our mind.

Why do I say that? Here is an example that although basic and generic, helps us have a clear idea of the approach of the average human. The word “success” has more than 360,000 searches on Google and “personal development” has only 27,000. I wonder how people can think that they could reach the much desired success (whatever their own definition for that term is) without improving their personal skills and knowledge. Read the rest of this entry