Need some inspiration to achieve your dreams? … Here I give you a huge dose in just two minutes.

I usually check Facebook several times a day (too many times some days I must admit). And the reason I do it is not only because it allows me to be super-connected with my people and the world in spite of the physical distance between us, but because having the ability to choose the pages I want to follow, makes this social media an inexhaustible source of inspiration and positive energy.

The video you are about to see below is an excellent example of what I mean. It reinforces my belief that disability is an ATTITUDE, not a physical condition. In turn, the attitude with which we live is a CHOICE. Therefore, to achieve our dreams or not is a decision that only we can take and that has nothing to do with our circumstances or the circumstances around us.

I’m sure that after watching this video you will agree with me that there is no excuse not to focus on building the life you want!




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How to overcome the loss of a loved one when we are away

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One of the biggest dilemmas that one goes through when evaluating the possibility of emigrating is what happens if a loved one dies in our absence. I would venture to think that is the hardest question to answer and that produces more crossed feelings.

In our case this was no exception, especially for me because I come from a large family and being one of the youngest children meant that most of my important affections are elderly. So I had to put aside the feelings, fears and other emotions and think with my brains. Why? Continuar leyendo “How to overcome the loss of a loved one when we are away”

3 Things that Immigrants Have in Common and the Positive in Them.

Lo que tenemos en comun y lo bueno de eso.
What we have in common and the good in that.

Although each of us has our own personal history and come from different cultures, in the end many immigrants have more in common than we think.

1. Every person who chooses to live in another country has its own reasons according to their beliefs and the environment of their place of origin. However, the search for each and every one of us is summed up in one word: hope … Hope to have better opportunities for us and our children; hoping for greater security; hoping to change our lives; hoping to learn a new language; the hope of a better professional preparation; anyway, hope to win something we consider that in our home country we cannot have. Continuar leyendo “3 Things that Immigrants Have in Common and the Positive in Them.”

5 wonderful things of being immigrants.

Cada reto es una oportunidad de crecimiento.
Lo positivo de ser inmigrantes.

In July 2011 I arrived to Canada from Venezuela, along with my husband and our twin girls who were 13 months old by then.

Like most immigrants, we went through very challenging times and especially the first year led us to question our ability to move forward with our plans.

However, today I can clearly see that having gone through these difficulties is precisely what today makes us appreciate more each of the things we once took for granted.

With the desire to help you see the positive in what seems negative, I list some of the wonderful things that are direct results of being immigrants. Note that the table below is the result of my personal experience and conversations I’ve had with other immigrants.

Ready to explore a new point of view? Continuar leyendo “5 wonderful things of being immigrants.”

5 Ways to Think Positively.

How to reinforce positive thinking.

If you read my article 7 Tips to Create Your Own Success Story as an Immigrant, you may remember that one of the points I mentioned was to keep always focused in the POSITIVE.

However, you may think that it’s easier said than done and the truth is that to some extent you’re right. Nevertheless, once we practice certain behaviors, we become aware of our actions and even our thoughts and that level of awareness is the first step in setting our mind and the way we see things.

I’ve listed below five actions that have worked for me in order to maintain a positive outlook on everything that happens to me. Continuar leyendo “5 Ways to Think Positively.”

Feeling the Power of Your Inner Smile

As an immigrant myself, I KNOW how hard it is sometimes to keep up with all the challenges we face when we begin a new life journey abroad.

Feelings like sadness, fear, anxiety and confusion are only some of the emotions we experience during this life time. And because we usually feel them all at same time, we are in risk of loosing our clarity and also our energy to keep moving forward.

In my case, meditating has been a lifesaver board. It’s helped me to keep focused and calmed in the most challenging moments I’ve been through the last year. Therefore, I can tell you there is a before and after in my life as an immigrant. Once I started meditating my life changed in all the positive ways you can imagine.

Today I would like to share with you one my favorite meditations in English. I do it almost every day and I can’t describe how well and energized I feel after I finish it. I took it from the Omvana channel in YouTube, which it’s been created by Mindvalley. It’s called the “Inner Smile Meditation”, and I share it with you right below.




No lo llames ‘cambio’, llámalo EVOLUCION. / Don’t call it ‘change’, call it EVOLUTION.

A lo largo de mi vida he experimentado muchos procesos de cambio y aunque en lo personal AMO los cambios, sí he notado que usualmente ha existido una tremenda y generalizada resistencia a él en la gente a mi alrededor en todos esos momentos. Como consecuencia, mi interpretación siempre había sido que la gente tiene una percepción negativa sobre la palabra ‘cambio’.

Con el objetivo de evitar subjetividades, decidí hacer una pequeña medición sobre cómo percibe la gente las palabras ‘cambio’ y ‘evolución’. Para mi sorpresa 73% de quienes respondieron tiene una percepción positiva de la palabra cambio. Debo confesar que esperaba un número similar, pero orientado a la percepción negativa. Y de aquí ahora nace otra inquietud, ¿por qué si es visto como algo positivo existe tanta resistencia a él? ¿O es que la percepción positiva es sólo hacia la palabra, pero NO hacia la acción de cambiar? Definitivamente material para más estudios posteriores. Continuar leyendo “No lo llames ‘cambio’, llámalo EVOLUCION. / Don’t call it ‘change’, call it EVOLUTION.”