Connecting With Angels

Connecting with angels
Connect with angels

By Norkys Crespo – Angel Therapist

Is it possible to connect with Angels? The answer is yes. We are surrounded by angels and a have right to connect with them. Everybody can do it. The only catch is that we have to ask and also be willing to accept the assistance. Keep the intention in your heart and the communication with them will start to become true.

Angels are spirits of lights created by God, with the mission to guide, provide, release, protect, support, assist, and make our way through life and beyond.

The word angel means “messenger” and this is one of their most common functions, bring to and carry messages from the creator.  They are egoless, hence non judgmental.  They are to protect humans and all that is created. Angels embodied God’s love energy. They have no gender, but their energy can be felt as either female or male. Although, many people do not see them clearly, they are everywhere and walk by your side. Even though they are not glorified humans beings, in occasions they can appear to people in various ways to facilitate our life experience.

We all have guardian angels as our loving companions. They are waiting for every opportunity to connect with us just like we do with our best friends.  The only requisite is to openly talk to them and ask for assistance. For each expressed need, there is an angel specialized. Continuar leyendo “Connecting With Angels”

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