How Money Flows – The Good Days And Not So Good Days

By Karina Arancibia – Financial and Life Coachmoney-cash-flow-1537820

It usually happens that when things are going well and we find ourselves in a good financial position we feel secure and happy. The finances look good and we are able to cover all our expenses, our budget looks good and we are able to have money left over for saving and to treat ourselves.

Money and finances are such an important and essential part of our lives, when I coach my clients and we consider financial goals, we also have a conversation on how closely related financial goals are to life goals. The reason is that most of the time, goals we want to accomplish, money is probably needed.

Today I want to address the issue when resources run low, what is our reaction our attitude? What do we do when we noticed that our budget gets tight, and we are not able to cover some extra expenses that are not as essential for example cable or even some of our children activities, the complains could be endless.

We can focus on not having enough and not being able to afford the things we want or need. We might act as victims of our circumstances, and maybe go around sharing this information. How many times have you heard people compliant about not having enough money, not just your friend but people in general. We all have that friend or family member that will openly share his or her frustration with money. 

We all have situations that affect our finances, and we all have a choice to make in regards to how are we going to react to that situation. I’ll share with you a few simple tips and steps we can consider to make that moment less painful.

– Look at the situation the way it is, no drama, don’t blow the situation out of proportion.  Sit down and take a deep breath, breathing is always good keeps you alive. Yes you are still alive and have all ability to solve this. Write it down if you like. –

-Find alternative solutions. If your car broke down, can you take public transportation for a while, can you car pool. If you need to cancel your cable due to budget restrictions. Are you going to be ok not watching TV for a while? Yes of course. These are not life of death crises, so don’t make them so. Will you be ok making your lunch and not buying it for a while, yes you will.

-Relax and be patient, I know, easier said than done. But you panicking will not make the situation any better, you’ll add stress to your life and the people around you.

-It is also important to be considerate with other’s people time and circumstances, you don’t know what others challenges are. They might be going through a worse situation than yours. I would say talk to friends or family that will help you and support you.

We all deserve abundance in our lives, but there are times when life also wants to teach us a lesson. Do we live in a spoiled society? we are so driven by what we are accustomed to, and when things don’t go the way we expect them, we throw a tantrum or become a victim of our circumstances. Sometimes we need to put things into perspective and really focus on what is important and essential. Maybe your car breaking down might mean that you could be safe taking public transportation or that you can’t afford cable to so find other activities to enjoy with yourself or your family.

There is always a reason why life is presenting your with those challenges, my suggestion is find a way to solve the problem and learn the lesson. Don’t let your finances dictate how you feel and your blessings, we all fall into that trap form time to time.

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