How Much Are You Worth?

By Karina Arancibia- Financial Coach

Have you ever wondered how much are you worth? If you haven’t, I suggest you do it. When you recognize your worth, others do it as well.

Cobras lo que vale tu trabajo? Are you charging your real worth?
Valor vs. Precio / Value vs. Price

We all have those little things we have to do that sometimes annoys us. This week I had to find a way to fix my headlights, one of them burnt, and yes I’ll be honest I haven’t learned how to change it myself, and I thought about this for a moment. I could have read the manual or asked a friendly neighbour to help me. I’m sure I could have done it, and spend a few hours on it, between reading and figuring out how to change this little light.  I am not the most handy woman, and yes I admire this on other people. Don’t get me wrong, I get by and I do surprise myself sometimes. No worries there is a point to this story and this is the way money flows and also how I value my time and my priorities. Are you doing the same?

See I have always been of the idea that we all have our talents, and that’s the reason we have experts and people that offer us a service in different areas. In this case, I ended up taking the car to the dealership to deal with this little issue, yes I know, the dealership not the most inexpensive place.  The point is this:

  • I was dropped off at home while I waited

-Once home, went to my office and got to work, and I was very productive.

-I was also able to do a few things around the house.

I also asked them to change the battery for the fob since it wasn’t  functioning properly. I had asked how much it was to get a new one and I was quoted over $250, not cheap for a little piece of plastic that controls your car, yes my jaw dropped as well, so I thought that can wait.

Once I was picked up, I open the care it was fine,  but closing it, it still didn’t work properly. I asked the man at the service desk to help me. He tried it a few times and it wasn’t closing. Then he looked at me and said, you know what you are a nice lady and very patient, let me see what I can do for you. He went back inside for a while and then he said let’s try this and it worked, I had a big smile and he said I got you a new one, I was in awe, since I knew the price of a new fob. I was so grateful and I said you are too generous, I was very thankful. What a nice gesture of him.

On driving home, I thought this is the flow of money, I trusted their service of an expert and I went to get help with one little thing. Yes, it cost me a little more than doing it myself, but I ended up with a lot more, a good service, new headlight, a new fob, and a phone number that he offered in case I needed anything else. I solved more than one problem and while the problem was being solved by and expert, I worked on being very productive and putting my talents to use, which it was definitely not fixing a headlight.

We all have gifts and talents to offer, and we all need the service of an expert from time to time. Yes we can probably do it most of it, but how would that help create the flow of money.

Ask yourself what talents do you have to offer? and how much are they worth?, are you giving a little more for your service?, do you feel comfortable charging the amount that correspond to the service you provide? Are you getting paid the salary you feel you deserve? On the other hand, are you using the service of others? do you expect things for free?  Are you offering referrals are you helping someone else?  Do you value the expertise and service of others? Next time you want to google something, maybe think of a professional that can help you, and that is also willing to give you a little more as a gesture of gratitude.

There is a cleaning lady that is looking for work, there is painter, a cabinet maker, a babysitter that is willing to change half of the daycare, to look after your children for a few hours while you work. There are other less tangible but extremely important services. The expertise of a Life Coach to help you with your life goals, a Fitness Coach to get you in shape, a Financial Coach that will help you see the value of money. Next time you are trying to do it yourself, or get cheap,  think how would you feel if someone was not giving you the Value you feel you deserve for your work.

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