Need some inspiration to achieve your dreams? … Here I give you a huge dose in just two minutes.

I usually check Facebook several times a day (too many times some days I must admit). And the reason I do it is not only because it allows me to be super-connected with my people and the world in spite of the physical distance between us, but because having the ability to choose the pages I want to follow, makes this social media an inexhaustible source of inspiration and positive energy.

The video you are about to see below is an excellent example of what I mean. It reinforces my belief that disability is an ATTITUDE, not a physical condition. In turn, the attitude with which we live is a CHOICE. Therefore, to achieve our dreams or not is a decision that only we can take and that has nothing to do with our circumstances or the circumstances around us.

I’m sure that after watching this video you will agree with me that there is no excuse not to focus on building the life you want!




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