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JAM is a source of inspiration

JAM Inspira was created with the aim to raise the levels of awareness in the individual as the most effective way to reach a permanent state of happiness, despite all the challenges and storms that we face as human beings.

In this blog you will find different motivational resources that range from articles to videos, all the way up to quotes, recommendations, workshops, books and templates to live more present in the here and the now. I believe that presence and awareness is the starting point to build the life of our dreams.

It is my desire to be able to inspire you to make de decision to adopt a HAPPINESS STATE and not only to pursue a happy moment. By doing this you will be living in “The Productive Thinking Quadrant.” ®

Sending you tons of light and good vibe to illuminate your path to achieving your dreams!


Jacqueline Antonetti Moreno

Founder of JAM Inspira

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