Tranformation is possible… If we take action!

La transformación hay que vivirla
Barbara De Angelis, Power of Success, Toronto 2015

By Jacqueline Antonetti-Moreno

“Transformation is an experiential event.”Barbara De Angelis, Power of Success, Toronto 2015.

Throughout my life I have heard many people complain about their reality and verbally express their desire for a better life, a better job, a better partner, a better finances, in short, a better reality in their lives. In fact, for years I was one of those people.

However, as I have witnessed cases of alleged transformation desires, I have also seen people’s inaction and their unwillingness to make “their share” to achieve the desired change. And, again, I must admit that I was also part of that group of people.

Perhaps you wonder what is my part? And the answer to that question is one word: “action”. What action? Any action that allows you to leave the status quo and start moving in the direction of your dreams. It is not the size of the action, is about “interrupting” the state of inactivity and start moving. Once we start this process of movement, the road begins to unveil in front of us as we go; that’s why you do not need to be absolutely clear on all the details of the ‘how’. However, a plan is needed.

As I have stated on several occasions after publishing my digital book “From Dreaming to Achieving” (currently in Spanish, soon to be available in English) every dream is possible to be achieved, and it’s built step by step. We should not be intimidated by the size of our dream, much less by what others say, we must only focus on taking action and start moving towards our vision. I like to constantly repeat, “the impossible just takes longer to be achieved.” And I repeat it because I believe it. I have proof. My life is an example of that; the book I wrote, (I, a perfect stranger) reaching No. 1 in sales on Amazon is a proof of that. Continuar leyendo “Tranformation is possible… If we take action!”

No lo llames ‘cambio’, llámalo EVOLUCION. / Don’t call it ‘change’, call it EVOLUTION.

A lo largo de mi vida he experimentado muchos procesos de cambio y aunque en lo personal AMO los cambios, sí he notado que usualmente ha existido una tremenda y generalizada resistencia a él en la gente a mi alrededor en todos esos momentos. Como consecuencia, mi interpretación siempre había sido que la gente tiene una percepción negativa sobre la palabra ‘cambio’.

Con el objetivo de evitar subjetividades, decidí hacer una pequeña medición sobre cómo percibe la gente las palabras ‘cambio’ y ‘evolución’. Para mi sorpresa 73% de quienes respondieron tiene una percepción positiva de la palabra cambio. Debo confesar que esperaba un número similar, pero orientado a la percepción negativa. Y de aquí ahora nace otra inquietud, ¿por qué si es visto como algo positivo existe tanta resistencia a él? ¿O es que la percepción positiva es sólo hacia la palabra, pero NO hacia la acción de cambiar? Definitivamente material para más estudios posteriores. Continuar leyendo “No lo llames ‘cambio’, llámalo EVOLUCION. / Don’t call it ‘change’, call it EVOLUTION.”