The Importance of Networking

Networking Picture2By Luiraf Garcia – Entrepreneur. Sales and Marketing Manager.

In my first article on this blog, I want to talk about what in Canada is called “Networking” which is how you can create a database of individuals having a common interest.

Networking may have different approaches:  recreational, sporting purposes, professional interest, etc. The important thing here is to establish links with individuals or groups of them who share and want to achieve their same goals.

Today in particular, I will be focused on Professional Networking.

Since my arrival in Canada, some years ago, the first thing I heard from different sources was: “to succeed in this country you need to have great level of English and to establish an excellent Networking”. That prayer was etched permanently in my brain.

It was through Networking I got my first job in this country, and by doing the same I got my second job, much better than the first one.  Also, Networking was the way by which I received the offer from several Canadian educational institutes to represent them in Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa. This was the key to creating my own company, which has advised nearly 1,000 students around the world, about studies in Canada. Continuar leyendo “The Importance of Networking”

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La importancia de la creación de redes de contacto (Networking)

Networking Picture2Por Luiraf Garcia – Emprendedor. Gerente de Mercadeo y Ventas.

En mi primer artículo en este blog, quiero hablar de lo que llaman en Canadá: Networking, lo cual no es más que la creación de redes de contacto.

Estas redes de contacto pueden tener diferentes enfoques:  ser recreacionales, con fines deportivos, de interés profesional, etc. Lo importante aquí es establecer vínculos con personas o grupos de personas que comparten nuestras mismas metas y quieran lograr los mismos objetivos. 

Hoy en particular, voy a enfocarme en el Networking Profesional.

Desde mi llegada a Canadá, hace algunos años atrás, lo primero que escuché, de diferentes fuentes, fue: “para triunfar en este país hace falta tener un buen inglés y establecer un excelente Networking”. Esa oración quedó grabado permanente en mi memoria. Continuar leyendo “La importancia de la creación de redes de contacto (Networking)”

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