How to transform the 10 most common negative thoughts into positive

Elimina los pensamientos negativos.
How to eliminate negative thoughts.

By Jacqueline Antonetti-Moreno

Just as there are negative thoughts that are common to all of human beings, there are also ways to transform them into positive thoughts. I tell you how below.

Yes, I am a very optimistic woman, but I was not always like this. That is, I think I have an optimistic nature because until a few years ago, every time I was going through some sort of crisis, my “subconscious mind” (or soul, perhaps?), told me that that event will to be left behind and, that with time, I would give thanks to God for that event that once seemed horrible. However, I was not able to keep that spirit of optimism on daily. On the con life. On the contrary, my head would fill up with negative thoughts that made me lose the ability to enjoy when things went well.

Determined to change my life, I started my journey on the path of personal growth and managed to identify the occurrence of these negative thoughts frequently and also identified the impact they had in the way I lived and how I interpreted my reality.

That is how, from my experience, today I put at your disposal some ways to combat these thoughts that keep you from seeing life in beautiful colors.


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5 wonderful things of being immigrants.

Cada reto es una oportunidad de crecimiento.
Lo positivo de ser inmigrantes.

In July 2011 I arrived to Canada from Venezuela, along with my husband and our twin girls who were 13 months old by then.

Like most immigrants, we went through very challenging times and especially the first year led us to question our ability to move forward with our plans.

However, today I can clearly see that having gone through these difficulties is precisely what today makes us appreciate more each of the things we once took for granted.

With the desire to help you see the positive in what seems negative, I list some of the wonderful things that are direct results of being immigrants. Note that the table below is the result of my personal experience and conversations I’ve had with other immigrants.

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5 Ways to Think Positively.

How to reinforce positive thinking.

If you read my article 7 Tips to Create Your Own Success Story as an Immigrant, you may remember that one of the points I mentioned was to keep always focused in the POSITIVE.

However, you may think that it’s easier said than done and the truth is that to some extent you’re right. Nevertheless, once we practice certain behaviors, we become aware of our actions and even our thoughts and that level of awareness is the first step in setting our mind and the way we see things.

I’ve listed below five actions that have worked for me in order to maintain a positive outlook on everything that happens to me. Continuar leyendo “5 Ways to Think Positively.”

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