The Importance of Networking

Networking Picture2By Luiraf Garcia – Entrepreneur. Sales and Marketing Manager.

In my first article on this blog, I want to talk about what in Canada is called “Networking” which is how you can create a database of individuals having a common interest.

Networking may have different approaches:  recreational, sporting purposes, professional interest, etc. The important thing here is to establish links with individuals or groups of them who share and want to achieve their same goals.

Today in particular, I will be focused on Professional Networking.

Since my arrival in Canada, some years ago, the first thing I heard from different sources was: “to succeed in this country you need to have great level of English and to establish an excellent Networking”. That prayer was etched permanently in my brain.

It was through Networking I got my first job in this country, and by doing the same I got my second job, much better than the first one.  Also, Networking was the way by which I received the offer from several Canadian educational institutes to represent them in Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa. This was the key to creating my own company, which has advised nearly 1,000 students around the world, about studies in Canada.

When I started with my Networking process, many friends told me I was wasting my time and that it would not take me anywhere … and at first, I believed it myself; because I was participating in events of different embassies, consulates, and organizations that exist in Toronto, without result, at least in the short term.

I must say that many of those friends and classmates, who never believed in Networking, are now unemployed, and others had to forcibly return to their countries of origin. But the most important thing is that now they call me to tell me they deeply regret not having accepted the many invitations I made them to attend networking events … and today congratulate me and tell me I was right. And saying this is not something I like. However, it is a close personal experience.

There is another experience I want to share with you: my first mentor told me “say NO to invitations from your friends, you should focus on your goals.” I respected much of what he said, but I did not agree with this. One day, I asked him: how I would grow my Network without meeting with friends? Smiling he said, “you got it, not every meeting is Networking”. What my mentor meant was that not all meetings lead to Networking, only those that allow us to establish links with individuals or groups of people who share and want to achieve the same goals are the ones we should be pursuing. He said: “for example, a party of a bunch of drunk people is not Networking for me, but I’m sure it is for them. I do not blame them, they share something in common, they enjoy what they do and have the same goals, which are not mine. ” For me, that was a very rough yet real comparison.

What I want to show you is that the Networking can lead us to where we want, as long as we meet with those who have our same goals and maybe a different approach, and this principle works in Canada and in any country in the world.

I invite you to build and professionalize your Network. Prepare an Excel sheet, with your related and friends information (phone numbers, e-mail, and the area you share in common). It is very simple, but it is a tool that will surely have a positive impact on your personal and professional future.

Have a week plenty of success…!!

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