The Importance of Punctuality

hours-away-1491303-1280x960By Luiraf Garcia – Entrepreneur. Marketing & Sales Manager.

Punctuality is defined as a discipline, that a person has to attend to his or her appointments with friends, colleagues, family members or with someone else.

This is one of the characteristics that define our personality and demonstrates our ability to organize and manage our time.

Within several countries in Latin America, this is a serious drawback. However, not as common in Europe, Asia or North America, where people are focused to be at the engagement ahead of time. For this reason, those who make the decision to live in countries like Canada, must consider timeliness as a priority when setting meetings of any kind.

One of the main aspects that we must consider when we are invited to a meeting is to respect the other party’s time. More often than not, the other person(s) probably has a daily agenda to fulfill, and must not run behind course due to our tardiness.

To comply promptly with the established commitments, here are my five recommendations to correct this bad habit:

1.Be willing to change this behavior. I think it’s the most important thing in this list. Without a will, the rest of the points will not work in any way.

2.Establish the causes that make us late for meetings. Make a list of them, and set strategies to correct them.

3.Prepare a daily schedule of activities. This can be manually or electronically, additionally use alarms to help you determine when the meeting is about to start.

4. Be focused on the activities we are doing. Activities that are not on the daily agenda cause distractions and delays in the arrival on time for scheduled appointments.

5. Stop the excuses. For example: The bad traffic and bad weather are not factors that delay you get to a meeting; because in countries like Canada there are already applications on the phone or on your computer to help you read the road conditions and the possibilities of rain or snow before long before this happens.

In conclusion, punctuality is an important aspect of our professional and personal lives that we must put special attention, especially in countries like Canada.

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