What If We Stop Complaining For A Bit?

By Karina Arancibia – Financial and Life Coachstop complaining

A few weekends ago , I was with my son,  we had to go shopping for some items we needed for the house, since I decided to de clutter  the whole place…  tell you more about that experience later.

I noticed he was complaining about little things, the work we had to do the door being too far, the lady taking too long. I looked at him and said “I’ll challenge you  to stop complaining for one hour starting now” he said but mom I haven’t agreed to it. I said well the Challenge is ON.

Well,  interestingly enough he set up the timer for one hour to time himself…

Then I started thinking how many times do we do that throughout the day, complaint about little things. The weather being too cold or too hot. The line up at the bank or the grocery store, and those are the little complains in our heads. How about the more important things in our lives, our jobs, our business, our home, our children, our partners. 

If that is the way we carry our daily lives and routine, let me ask you this, how much do we complain about money?  Are we never happy with what we have?  we always wish we had more, and when we have a little more, we need more. Why is that?  and how do we stop vicious circle.

There is one little secret, and that is to be Grateful for what you already have. How about this exercise:  looking at what we already have and all the blessing in our lives.  Starting with things that have no material value, but more meaningful  things, for example our healthy children, our home that keeps us warm at night. Our family.

A friend of mine once  told me story that I found very inspiring. She says “one night we were sleeping and we woke up in the middle of the night and the bed and house was on fire, she was pregnant and had a little boy , her whole family went running out of the house with no belonging, they lost everything in one night, one fire… That’s when they decided to come to Canada and start over. She says we had the most valuable people with us, we had us,  our family, the rest didn’t mean anything to us and we started over”  Incredible Lesson.

On my project de clutter as I was going through my things, I thought of that story, how much does this really mean to me? Do I need it? I found it easier and easier to simplify my life by getting rid of clutter, and yes I have to admit, I was complaining about that and was not sure where to start. Whenever we work on a project it’s important to find that inspiration that will keep you moving.

As per my son, he actually lasted a whole hour without complaining. He was looking at the timer every five minutes, I think it was probably the longest hour of his life. .. Funny thing , now he is more aware of his complains and we laugh them out now.

I invite you to start counting your blessings,  yes right now grab a pen and paper and start listing the things that make you happy, what if there was a fire, what would you take with you?  I find the more we detach ourselves from the complains of money the more it flows into our lives from different sources. That has been my experience.  Try it … It might work.

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